NBI students at a graduation ceremony

“CAVA’s (Christian Audio-visual Action) leadership programme, NBI (Nehemiah Bible Institute), has really been drawing a lot of interest from church leaders and members alike,” says Rev. Gerard Breytenbach, manager of CAVA in Harare, Zimbabwe

“We even had a graduation ceremony inside one of our prisons the other day for inmates that have completed the course. It brings tears to one’s eyes to see the transformation that God brings about within the prison walls. There is such a hunger for more of the Word and greater leadership skills that we can safely say that NBI is currently the growth point of CAVA’s ministry.

“In light of this, during a strategic planning session the executive decided that NBI will become the hub of CAVA. Effectively that means that CAVA’s literature will remain, but the focus will be on moving as much of the literature to and through the NBI students and churches. It is still early days, but we are excited about what the Lord will do.”

Please pray that CAVA will retain and improve its effectiveness and that God will continue to bless them with more supporters so that the ministry may grow.

Contact Gerard Breytenbach at cavazw.office@gmail.com for more information