An accreditation at SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) provides any training programme with credibility. That is why the recent accreditation of ACRP (Association of Christian Religious Practitioners) is such big news!

ACRP represents a wide range of denominations in South Africa. Dr Danie van Zyl (previous manager of Sokhanya Bible School) is currently responsible for the development of quality control standards and procedures for the training programmes at Bible schools, as well as the development of PQ (Part Qualifications) and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programmes. They recently launched a series of implementation workshops across the country. Danie is also busy updating and amending the Sokhanya programme so that it adheres to the prescribed training components and standards.

Danie explains, “After many years of endless efforts to get Bible School training formalised, it has now become a reality. A professional organization, called the ACRP (Association of Christian Religious Practitioners), has recently been accredited by the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). ACRP is representative of the widest range of denominational and confessional traditions existing in South Africa.

“ACRP is authorized to manage all training of persons working in churches and Christian organizations who want to obtain a national qualification on a pre-tertiary level. ACRP assists in the registration of Bible schools and institutions that operate on this level with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). ACRP is also responsible for the quality control of all such training and for managing CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programs.

“The courses offered by the Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) in Wellington are working towards accreditation. The current CLDP (Christian Leadership Development Program ) and MDP (Ministry  Development Program ) will be combined into a NQF 5 qualification and the Sokhanya course (SBP) a NQF 2 qualification. The potential for this new development is huge and an answer to prayer.”

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