Rev. Arnold Kalemba Saka

If you walk in the corridors of the Faculty of Theology at Stellenbosch University you will quite often see some post graduate students from our sister churches in Africa. Thanks to NetACT ( Witness Ministry who maintain sound relationships with these churches over (in some cases more than a century) their theology students often are supported to do their post graduate studies at Stellenbosch.

One of these students is Rev. Arnold Kalemba Saka from our sister church in Malawi, the CCAP (Church in Central Africa Presbyterian: He was born in Ntchisi, north from Lilongwe, Central Malawi.

There were especially two people who impacted his life: as a young child it was his mother who encouraged him to follow the example of Christ. As a young adult it was the principal of Zomba Theological College, Rev. Dr Mwakanande. He always encouraged Rev. Saka to put Christ first in his life and to never give up. He also taught Rev. Saka that you have to often struggle in order to gain success; “struggling is the ‘mother’ of success”, Rev. Dr Mwakanande always said to him.

Rev. Saka’s choice to become a pastor was primarily influenced by an elderly man from their village who became aware of God’s calling for Rev. Saka. Initially Rev. Saka ignored it and pursued other directions in his life, all of it resulting in misfortunes. After he reflected on the reasons for his misfortunes he came to his senses and eventually accepted God’s call. In that same year he applied at the Theological College at Zomba and was miraculously accepted, because he was only 21 and the age limit was 28.

After he heard about Stellenbosch University from a friend of him who already studied here, he applied in 2007, but without any success because he din’t qualify. He was so determined to come and study at Stellenbosch that he decided to enhance his qualifications at the African Bible College in Lilongwe and applied again after he completed his studies; this time successfully!

He started his Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology in February 2018 and will proceed after that with a Master’s Degree. He is interested in the study field of Congregational Ministry (Practical Theology) with Prof. Ian Nell as his study leader.

Rev. Saka is married to Enifa and has five children: Enayi (18), Precious (15), Providence (11), Prisca and Priscilla (8). His congregation is CCAP Lilongwe and his dream for the church in Malawi is to serve their communities in a holistic and prophetic way.

Contact Rev. Saka at for more information.