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Dr Kobus van Zyl is once again at his post as lecturer in Old Testament and Homiletic at the Emmanuel Christian College at Yei in South Sudan at the moment. He is also involved at the Imotong Bible School near Torit where he was teaching last year. His friend, Hannes, who is joining him this year, says, “YEI4 – ‘I love it!’ are the three words I used to summarize my current adventure in Africa.

“As we left Entebbe for South Sudan this morning on an ancient plane, we could only rejoice all the way. The many Bibles and teaching resources we took along caused our hand luggage to weigh much more than our booked-in luggage. It could be a bureaucratic nightmare to explain it all to the satisfaction of the customs officers, but it all worked out well. Not only did they accept our overweight luggage, but also our crippling hand luggage. The bush plane was only half full, and we had plenty of room for ourselves.

“Once we arrived in Yei, it was another cultural experience of how different things work in Africa. We were welcomed by the  Imotong Bible School representative, and he smoothed things over for us, knowing the system. All the Bibles ended up in the right hands.

“We were introduced to all the staff at the  Imotong Bible School, and discovered in the process that we will teach 34 students instead of 15 for the two weeks. Urgently we had to make arrangements for the student materials to be copied so that each student will have at least a chance to learn something.

“The only place we can get very slow WiFi is under the mango tree in the middle of the compound – what a joy. Your prayers have also been answered: they do have access to electricity some hours of the day, so my teaching with PowerPoint should work.

“I look forward to meeting the students and start the classes. We will have students from both the theology course and the teachers course.

“I have a mosquito net to sleep under, and several bottles of evil smelling ointments to keep the mosquitoes at bay. We visited a local open air market and got a lot of fruit. I was not brave enough to try the dried fish.

“Pray for the traveling of the students. Some of them come from the northern border areas, and due to a lack of transport are expected to be a few days late. May God bless them all so that they do arrive in time to get the full benefit of the course. Pray for flexibility and adaptability so that we could respond to the prompting of the Spirit and will have the ability to go where He leads, even if it means changing our content and plans. Pray for great relationships with the students and staff, so that we could mentor God’s glory to them. Pray for our own teachability that we would learn a lot  from them too!”

Their classes start on Monday 8 April.

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Dr Kobus van Zyl