MSS (Minister in Synodical Service) Rev. Stephen Pedro visited the Presbytery of Colesberg, URC DEHACOPE from 24-26 May 2019.
He says, “The past weekend I visited the Presbytery of Colesberg and took part in the ordination/installation of proponent A. Nyondla as minister for URCSA DEHACOPE (Combination of 4 URC congregations: De Aar, Hanover, Colesberg and Petrusville).
“I conveyed greetings and congratulations from the Regional Synod Core Ministries of Congregational Ministry and Witness Ministry. I also met with the chairperson and scribe of the presbytery in connection with my planned workshop with the presbytery.
“It was a pleasure to also visit Rev. D Wagenaar of URC De Doorns, the Leeu Gamka ward of URC Prins Albert and URC Laingsburg. At Leeu Gamka I was lucky, because the conculent, Rev. J. November, was present and I could share important information with him and one of the elders, Br Solomons, about the Synodical Fund (Decision 46) that was created to support congregations (for a year with a fixed amount of R5 000,00) who call a proponent or an unemployed minister.
“It once again became very clear this past weekend that our congregations, especially those without a minister, are in dire need for support and assistance from Synod.
“I assured them that, although I am still new in the post of Minister in Synodical Service, the support of our congregations is a priority and with my Task Team at Congregational Ministry and Witness, we will step up our support of our congregations, church councils and ministers. I informed them that I am in the process to establish dates to visit the presbyteries and also invited them to feel free to call upon us, as representatives of Synod, for support, advice and assistance.
“It was indeed another blessed weekend and congregations, especially congregations without a minister, must feel free to contact me for a visit, workshop and support at”