Congregational Witness


  • To assist congregations, to help equip them to develop and fulfill their lives and outreach service and witness optimally;
  • To develop and build service and witness opportunities in a broader context, in service and for the sake of congregations in conjunction with ministries and organizations, to establish anew, by means of existing and new partnerships and networks;
  • CFW is undertaking clearance of the who, what, when and the how with other synodical role players (Communitas, Equipment / Worship and proclaiming , A & S).

Ecology Project

Witness Ministry would like to sensitize congregations how to care for their environment and to assist them in how to take part in earth care programmes by using simple and easy methods. David Botha is the chairman of the Ecology Task Team.

Assistance to and co-operation with existing outreach ministries in service of and in the interest of congregations:

  • Witness and dialogue to our Jewish neighbours (Beit Ariel)
  • Straatwerk (Cape Town) and MES Action (Bellville)
  • Environmental Care (Ecology)
  • Ministry amongst Prisoners
  • Sokhanya (theological education to church leaders of the AIC)
  • Huguenot College (HC), Equipment for Mission Ministries (TMB )
  • Sports and Play Ministry (establishment of a holistic evangelism action )
  • Ministry to outside clergy / “kerklos” people (cf guideline nr 7)

Support and development of ministries and support partnerships with and in the interest of particular congregations:

  • URCSA Makhathini KZN
  • URCSA Msinga KZN
  • URCSA Eastern Cape the current leadership development, along with others)

Strategic partners and co-workers :

  • DR, UR and RCA congregations
  • Presbyteries; Synods
  • Synodical ministries: Equipment
  • Communitas (Community Ministry, FCS, SAPMC )
  • Poverty & Care
  • KZN DRC and URC synods, presbyteries and congregations
  • NBI / Bible Media
  • Hugenote College (HK), Equipment for Mission Ministries (TMB )
  • Veritas


Stephen Pedro
(+27) 21 957 7183