History & Foundation

Witness Ministry co-ordinates and manages a number of important synodical witness projects and partnerships since 1991. It is done on behalf of the DRC family in and from the Cape Region. But where did it all start?

The Missionary Awakening since the 1800’s:

  • 1880’s – Ministers’ Mission Society
  • 1892 – DRMC receives a vision to start outward focused missionary work
  • 1903 – DRC SCM (Synodical Commission for Mission)
  • 1958 – DRMC Commission for Evangelism and Mission
  • 1978 – SCFW (Synodical Commission for Witness — DRMC)
  • 1991 – DRC family establishes the Commission for Witness (CFW)
  • 2003 – DRC family synods refocus on Africa.

Mission initiatives arose in:


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