Hope and Reconciliation Trust

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The HRT was initiated by the DRC and the URCA to give church members and other South Africans the opportunity to contribute to the upliftment of our country. We realised that there are a growing number of people who have a contribution to make, but who don’t know where and how to do it. We also realised that people are concerned that, with the overall culture of mismanagement in South Africa, their contributions will be wasted.


The HRT seeks to:

• focus on two issues in our society:  Early Childhood Development and Agricultural Development.

• apply all contributions to proven and sustainable projects. To ensure that this happens, all decisions are made under the supervision of competent trustees.

• acknowledge all contributors / congregations.Projects currently in progress include the upgrading of nursery schools, financial support of programs that will stimulate cognitive development in children and agricultural projects.


The idea is to strengthen the fund by donations from people who want to, out of gratitude, make a contribution to the reconciliation and reconstruction of our country.


Braam Hanekom
021 9577117 / 7202

Contact Danelle Jordaan if you would like to become involved.
021 957 7202