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The Situation in Zimbabwe Febr 2019


  • Creating spaces for dialogue on local level between church leaders, businessmen and other community leaders (including local government) on relevant and current community issues;
  • Liaising with the media, businessmen and politicians;
  • Our project, the Hope and Reconciliation Trust;
  • Involvement with current public issues like Israel and Palestine, the Agriculture and Land Reform, ongoing reconciliation, justice (restitution) and unity;
  • Increasing the influence of the DRC family’s evangelical voice by introducing programmes such as Alpha, in co-operation with the Seminary in relation and stimulation of apologetic thinking within the church.

Strategic partners and co-workers

  • The myriad of potential capacity among members that is dormant in congregations;
  • Christian businessmen and politicians;
  • Networks with the media.


Braam Hanekom
021 9577117 / 7202