Zimbabwe has a population of about 12 million and covers 391 000 km2. The two main population groups are the Shona (71%) and the Ndebele (14%). Approximately 92% of the population is literate – until recently the highest percentage in Africa. More than 7 million Zimbabweans associate themselves with various Christian churches, while 26% adhere to traditional religions.

The unstable political situation in Zimbabwe since the 1990s, the accompanying economic decline, high unemployment, AIDS and approximately a quarter of the population who live and work outside Zimbabwe, however, present huge challenges to the church.

The CFW has close ties with the RCZ (Reformed Church in Zimbabwe) and supports various ministries in Zimbabwe:

CAVA – Harare
Gutu Hospital
Henry Murray Memorial Fund (Morgenster Relief Fund)
Murray Theological College – Morgenster
RCZ (Reformed Church in Zimbabwe)


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