Dane du Plessis, ministry worker of Biblia in Cape Town Harbour, focuses a lot on the wellbeing of seafarers. Having seen and heard of the work Biblia has done in terms of fighting for the rights of fisherman, he was contacted by Margie Mason, an award-winning journalist from New York, early in March this year.

Dane says, “She enquired about some of the fishing crises Biblia has been involved in and how it was dealt with. She also heard that we are very involved in creating awareness and helping these fishermen to solve their problems.

“Margie sent a crew based in South Africa to interview us about the fishing crises in Cape Town. The interview will be aired in Indonesia later this year.

“It brings me great joy as an activist for Christ, and for fishers, that we can fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

“While it is sad to speak about these situations, I’m delighted that our work is drawing some attention. The more awareness we can create surrounding the abuse suffered by the fishermen in our port, the more we can do to stop it.”



Dane du Plessis