History & Foundation

Witness Ministry co-ordinates and manages a number of important synodical witness projects and partnerships since 1991. It is done on behalf of the DRC family in and from the Cape Region:

But where did it all start?

The Missionary Awakening since the 1800’s:

  • 1880’s – Ministers’ Mission Society
  • 1892 – DRMC receives a vision to start outward focused missionary work
  • 1903 – DRC SCM (Synodical Commission for Mission)
  • 1958 – DRMC Commission for Evangelism and Mission
  • 1978 – SCFW (Synodical Commission for Witness — DRMC)
  • 1991 – DRC family establishes the Commission for Witness (CFW)
  • 2003 – DRC family synods refocus on Africa.

Mission initiatives arose in: