Sokhanya Bible School

The Sokhanya Bible School was, in collaboration with a group of leaders of various churches, established in the Cape Peninsula in 1992. They have their own curriculum based on developing the content of the Bible. The course serves leaders and members of the full spectrum of churches (of all the mainstream churches, including Catholic, a variety of Pentecostal groups and especially African independent churches). The course was originally developed and presented in isiXhosa and is now fully available in English.

It has specifically been designed on an NQF Level 2, with 3 modules and 5 workbooks per module, for church leaders who have not achieved a matric certificate, yet are hungry to learn the word of God.

Sokhanya is proud to announce a change in their status through obtaining accreditation in December 2019 through Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, reference no: QCTOSDP00181102-1406 that refers to the Level 2 accredited course. At present, the accredited course is only available in English.

Sokhanya is still aimed at bringing deeper biblical understanding to participants that have not yet achieved matric and while the newly accredited course is available, we are still running with the old course, which is also available in Xhosa.

Our ACCREDITED COURSE FEES and pamphlet features the course outline and office details. For further clarification please browse our website at

With ten (10) modules, the course serves leaders and members of the full spectrum of churches, including all the mainstream churches, a variety of Pentecostal and Charismatic groups, the Catholic Church and mostly focused on the African Independent Churches.


  • To support people who lead on different levels in congregations, to gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible, and to use it contextually responsibly;
  • To promote personal growth in the student’s faith and through them, to serve the spiritual growth of other members;
  • To establish basic ministering skills.


After 25 years in which classes were offered at different places in the Cape Peninsula (with a concurrent correspondence course for isiXhosa-speaking leaders nationwide), our ministering pattern has changed. From 2016 the Sokhanya course became part of the Nehemiah Bible Institute, under the umbrella of Bible-Media, in Wellington.

The course is known as the Sokhanya Bible Programme. Tuition is offered nationwide via correspondence, as well as learning centres in various parts of South Africa and some outside its borders. Students are encouraged to form study groups to work through the course together. Integration with the Nehemiah Bible Institute provides strategic infrastructure and open new areas of access that were not possible before.

The Sokhanya office is manned by Mr Jerry Sesoko who can be contacted by the information mentioned below for registrations.


Costs are kept as low as possible because the course is specifically aimed at leaders of disadvantaged backgrounds, the segment of society that cannot afford courses such as these. The programme coordinator’s salary has to be funded by donors from outside Bible-Media. For this purpose, there is a partnership between Witness Ministry, Bible-Media and church congregations to shoulder the responsibility of raising funds for his salary.

 Get involved

  • Congregations and church members are challenged to take the initiative to start study groups for Christians from the isiXhosa and Sesotho communities in their area. Materials to assist facilitators are available. There are many congregations where this ministry is implemented and run successfully with volunteer facilitators.
  • Congregations can join the Sokhanya Partnership and members can get involved as donors by calling the Witness Ministry’s office at +27 21 957 7204.
  • Contributions can also be specifically made for the cost of translations or the printing of the books.
  • Facilitate a group for us at your local church.
  • All contributions are welcome.


NBI Sokhanya Office:

Rev. Mawonga Phaphile Celesi
021 864 8224 / 084 056 6087
PO Box 841, Wellington, 7654

Ferguson Building
69 Church Street
Western Cape