JMTI (Josophat Mwale Theological Institute)

JMTI (Josophat Mwale Theological Institute), initially called the Nkhoma Institute for Continued Theological Training (NIFCOTT), was established in 1993 at Nkhoma, Central Malawi with the mandate to provide theological training for final year pastoral students in Applied Theology and other related practical subjects and to provide in-service training for serving ministers. JMTI is registered with the  Theological Board and Dr L. Katundu is the principal. The Institute focuses on:

  • the three-year Theological Diploma for prospective ministers
  • the practical year of theology graduate students of the Zomba Theological College and
  • continuing theological education of ministers of the Nkhoma Synod
  • the TEEM (Theological Education by Extension Malawi) course for teachers who teach Biblical Studies at schools.

JMTI is a member of NetACT and Nkhoma Synod sends ministers for post-graduate theological studies to Stellenbosch University on a regular base.

With the establishment of Nkhoma University about six years ago, JMTI serves as the Faculty of Theology that offers normal theological training for pastoral students besides ZTC (Zomba Theological College).

The in-service training component is meant to update serving ministers on emerging issues such as dwindling spirituality, prosperity gospel, entrepreneurship for pastors to encourage members, HIV and AIDS, moral decay, among others, that affect spirituality in the church and it provides a platform where these issues can be discussed and how the ministers can be equipped with teaching to cope with them. The motto of JMTI is Arise, and Shine which means, as an institution, it exists to shine for the Lord in communities so that through everything we do people should see Christ.

Over the past twenty six years Josophat Mwale Theological Institute has experienced remarkable growth in its services to both pastoral students and non-ministerial students. Although the Institute’s primary focus was to raise pastors for the church, it has opened its door to the laity to satisfy the church’s demand for preaching due to a huge number of members and preaching points in CCAP Nkhoma Synod and other denominations. By including the non-ministerial students in our programs we intend to empower them with the Word of God to ensure effective preaching where the pastor is not available.

The Institute, under Nkhoma University, is currently administering two programs, bachelor of Theology degree and a diploma in Theology. Plans are underway to introduce more bachelors’ degrees and master’s program.


Dr L. Katundu
+265 1275 212