Simcha Ministry to Jews

The Simcha Ministry to Jews is managed by Jeanie de Wet in Cape Town and the surrounding area.

Latest Newsletter:

L Chaim April 2022
L Chaim-Julie 2021
L Chaim Februarie 2021

The objectives of ministry to the Jews are:

  • to reach out to individual Jews with the gospel of Jesus as Messiah and Savior;
  • by engaging with the Messianic Jewish congregation Beit Ariel to create a spiritual home for Messianic Jews (Jewish Christians).

In this way, individual and collective witness, that Jesus is the Messiah and Lord for Jews, is also conveyed. The gospel is spread by Bible study groups, home visits to individuals, and worship services in the Beit Ariel Congregation.

How can I get involved?

Simcha Ministry is available for performances in congregations and to train members in communicating the gospel to Jews.
Send emails to for inquiries and if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.