Congregational Witness


CBR March 2022
CBR June 2021



  • To assist and guide congregations in the transformation process of their missional calling, so that their outreach, service and witness within the congregation and in the community may come more into its own;
  • To help build capacity at congregational and prebyterial level;
  • To support ministering and witnessing opportunities in a broader context (in the service and interest of congregations) through existing and new partnerships and networks;
  • To empower congregations to serve and reach out to people who are not part of being church any more.

Special Projects

Assistance to and co-operation with existing outreach ministries in service of and in the interest of congregations:

  • Straatwerk (Cape Town) and MES Action (Bellville);
  • Environmental care (ecology)
  • Ministry amongst Prisoners;
  • Sokhanya (theological education to church leaders of the AIC);
  • Huguenot College (HC), Equipment for Mission Ministries (TMB);
  • Sports and Play Ministry (establishment of a holistic evangelism action);
  • Ministry to outside clergy / “kerklos” people (cf guideline nr 7).

Support and development of ministries and support partnerships with and in the interest of particular congregations:

Strategic partners and co-workers :

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Stephen Pedro
(+27) 21 957 7183


Task Team Members

Chairperson: Danny Bock (Congregational Ministry)

Moses Baartman (Congregational Ministry)
Reggie Nel (Congregational Ministry)
Xolani Mhobo (Congregational Ministry)
Angelique Ghall (WitnessMinistry)
Mawande Soga (Congregational Ministry)
André Agenbag (Dutch Reformed Church MSS: Congregational Accompaniment)

Babalwa Sifuba (Contextual Bible Reading)
Stephen Pedro (MSS: Congregational Witness)