Congregational Witness

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Contextual Bible Reading:

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  • To assist congregations, to help equip them to develop and fulfill their lives and outreach service and witness optimally;
  • To develop and build service and witness opportunities in a broader context, in service and for the sake of congregations in conjunction with ministries and organizations, to establish anew, by means of existing and new partnerships and networks;
  • CFW is undertaking clearance of the who, what, when and the how with other synodical role players (Communitas, Equipment / Worship and proclaiming , A & S).

Assistance to and co-operation with existing outreach ministries in service of and in the interest of congregations:

  • Straatwerk (Cape Town) and MES Action (Bellville);
  • Ministry amongst Prisoners;
  • Sokhanya (theological education to church leaders of the AIC);
  • Huguenot College (HC), Equipment for Mission Ministries (TMB);
  • Sports and Play Ministry (establishment of a holistic evangelism action);
  • Ministry to outside clergy / “kerklos” people (cf guideline nr 7).

Support and development of ministries and support partnerships with and in the interest of particular congregations:

  • URCSA Makhathini KZN;
  • URCSA Msinga KZN;
  • URCSA Eastern Cape (the current leadership development, along with others).

Strategic partners and co-workers :

  • DRC, URCSA and RCA congregations;
  • Presbyteries;
  • Synods;
  • Synodical ministries: Equipment;
  • Communitas (Community Ministry, FCS, SAPMC);
  • Diaconia;
  • KZN DRC and URCSA synods, presbyteries and congregations;
  • NBI / Bible Media;
  • Huguenot College (HK): Equipment for Mission Ministries (TMB);
  • Veritas.


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