Hefsiba Institute for Christian Higher Education


In 1994, Rev. Wessel Bester started a Bible school in Vila Ulónguè.  Rev. Manie Taute later joined as the first rector of the later Hefsiba ISC (Instituto Superior Cristão – Christian Higher Education Institute). Ten years later it obtained university status in Mozambique  with Dr. Kruger du Preez as the first academic director. Currently there are four faculties, namely Theology, Psychology, Economics and Law with Rev. Manasseh Matiquele as rector. In 2016 two satellite campuses were established in Milange and Mocuba where Ivan Stevens took the lead untill 2017.

The following courses are offered:

  • a certificate in Evangelism (one year)
  • a certificate of  Theology for the wives of  Theology students (three years)
  • a diploma in Theology (three years)
  • a degree in Theology including Honours (four years)
  • an Honours degree in Psychology ( Christian Counseling ) (four years )
  • an Honours degree in Economics and Management (four years )
  • an Honours degree in Law (four years)
  • a Master’s degree in Theology in collaboration with IBP from Portugal

Impact on the community

Over the years, the theological school provided ministers to the Mpatso and Thumbini synods and also helped them to develop  their ministries. The other, non- theological education is also of great value to the community of Mozambique.

The focus is on the shaping of value driven leadership .



Dr. Manasse Matiquele