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Our History

Christian Audio-visual Action, known as CAVA, is a non-profit ministry based in Harare, Zimbabwe. This ministry started in the 1970s when missionaries wanted to address the needs of the Zimbabwe farm-workers. Sets of literature, audio-cassettes and picture books were made available to farmers with a manual tape player that could be operated without electricity or batteries.

Since then CAVA’s focus has widened and a whole array of different titles have seen the light meeting different needs, from addressing cultural issues in the light of Scripture to Christian living, discipleship and youth to name a few.

However, CAVA also felt the need to make changes regarding literature, to keep up with the times. Because of tough times, affecting the sale of books, coupled with the fact that we find ourselves squarely in the technological era of computers and cell phones, we have made the following exciting decision: to convert our literature into e-format and under each book that will be displayed, there will be:

  • a summary
  • a price and
  • a payment method to buy the book online.


Account Name – CAVA
Bank – CABS
Account No. 1002715105

Name: NG Kerk in SA (Getuienis)
Bank: Nedbank
Acc. nr: 1135-900-280
Branch: 198-765
Ref: CAVA and initials and surname of the donor

Services & Products

  • prints and distributes relevant and affordable Christian literature and audio-visual material;
  • also serves the community by offering printing services at very competitive rates;
  • offers the NBI course to equip individuals and church leaders in the principles of Christian leadership – 6 Modules with 5 books per Module ( CLDP 1-3 & MDP 1-3) are covered through distance learning;
  • enables churches and other groups to have Christian literature available (e.g. book sale tables) by supplying them with CAVA’s literature on a sale-or-return basis.


Christine Chanza
Tel: +263 772451419