Henry Murray Memorial Fund

The past few years were a survival challenge for our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. In order to support them, a relief fund (the Morgenster Relief Fund) was launched for Morgenster Mission by Rev. Henry Murray in 2008. Contributions to this fund are being received and administrated by Witness Ministry and transferred monthly to the projects at Morgenster in Zimbabwe. From October 2014, the name has been changed to the Henry Murray Gedenkfonds (Memorial Fund), in memory of the late Rev. Henry Murray, who passed away on 29 August 2014. He served for many years at Murray Theological College as principal and later vice-principal.

From 2008, contributions to this fund were used for the following projects at Morgenster Mission:

Murray Theological College

For more than a year, food had to be imported for staff and students of the Theological College to survive, as there was literally no food available in the shops. Although the availability of food has improved during the past years, finances are still insufficient and irregular, due to high cost of living and maintenance.

Food for work and work for food:

  • School children

HIV/AIDS orphans are usually cared for by guardians (mostly widows and grandmothers). Through the above mentioned Fund, school clothes and shoes, school fees, books and other stationery could be provided for over 50 destitute children in the past. In order to help these people not to lose their dignity, the guardians had to do gardenwork once a week. For a day’s work, each person received a parcel containing basic nutritious food (maize meal, sugar, oil, salt, dry beans, dried fish), second hand clothing and a bar of soap. This relief project became too big for our missionaries to handle individualy and in 2011 the project was handed over to the Church Council of Morgenster RCZ congregation and named the Diaconal Project. Money from the Fund is being transferred monthly into the account of Morgenster RCZ and the Church Council administers the funds to the children who have been identified and screened as most needy. A comprehensive annual report is available to donors on request.

  • The destitute (and the desperate)

People from the community, who cannot survive on their own in life due to unemployment, illness and poverty, often knock at the door of the missionaries for assistance. Without relief funds, it would not be possible to relieve this desperate need!

  • The gift of sound and sight

Many destitute people from the community come to Morgenster Mission for help with hearing problems and poor eyesight. Through donations of used hearing aids, the communication abilities of many have been improved over the years. Most of these people cannot even afford the batteries needed for a hearing aid! Such a hearing aid would soon then become obsolete if new batteries are not being supplied on a regular basis. Thus through this fund, the stock of batteries and also the necessary earmould material are being maintained.

Likewise, donations of used spectacles have brought The Word of Life to many, enabling them to read the Bible. The Eye Unit at Morgenster Hospital always has a need for used spectacles for those who cannot afford the expense.

Wherever you are, you can also take part in bringing the gift of sound and sight into the lives of destitutes in Zimbabwe.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Henry Murray Memorial Fund, and by doing so, enables the needy to live their lives with dignity.

Contact & Contributions:

Branch no: 198 765
Name of account: Getuienis
Account no: 1135 900 280
Ref: Henry Murray Gedenkfonds

  • Please send an email with proof of payment to:

Susan Murray at hensansjm@gmail.com, with copy to henslin@kaapkerk.co.za