CCAP (Harare Synod)

The other church which was born in Zimbabwe out of early missionary work was the CCAP (Church in Central Africa Presbyterian) Harare Synod. In 1905, a delegation of Malawians who worked as migrant labourers in the then Rhodesia went to the Mvera mission station in Malawi to request a pastor for their church. In 1912 Rev. TCB Vlok from Malawi became the first missionary to work among the approximately 5 000 migrant workers in Rhodesia.

Salisbury, now Harare, became a presbytery of Malawi’s Nkoma CCAP Synod in 1956 and in 1965 it became the Salisbury Synod of the CCAP. Since 1995, missionaries from South Africa are no longer involved in the synod; yet the DRC family still supports the work of the CCAP through the Witness Ministry.

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