Sports Ministry

Currently, the demolition of families within communities and the associated fatherlessness (physically and emotionally absent) is the single largest problem area in the world. In the Western and Southern Cape, Ben Marais tries to address it through sports and games. Sports Ministry is currently operating in more than 170 countries around the world.

The focus is to empower communities to:

  • effectively come outside the four walls of the church building;
  • give new hope in their local church;
  • witness in a creative manner;
  • reach the people who are not part of the church any more;
  • minister the youth in their world of sport and recreation;
  • be agents of change in their communities.

Sport, like football and cricket, was already used from the 19th century to share the Gospel with the people of Africa. In this way contact with strangers was made easily, relationships were built and the Gospel was shared.

Witness Ministry funds Ben Marais to guide congregations with this. Ben represented the DRC family in TUG (The Ultimate Goal) as pastor of the sports and games ministry during the Soccer World Cup in 2010. Currently Ben works as a leader of Ambassadors Football ( South Africa.

Ben works within the Western and Southern Cape Synod and serves the entire DRC family.

How can Sports Ministry be an advantage to your congregation?

We help churches with FEDA:

  • Fellowship – make easy contact with others in the community, and build better relationships with existing members;
  • Evangelism – develop effective outreach strategies within your context ( focus on those outside the church);
  • Discipleship – practical equipment and empower those inside and outside the church (eg weekly sessions together);
  • Assimilation – engage those outside the congregation and let them feel at home in the community of believers .


Ben Marais
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