IRM (Igreja Reformada em Moçambique)

The IRM (Igreja Reformada emMoçambique), our sister church in Mozambique, has currently about 80 000 members, 75 congregations and 86 ministers. The three synods Tumbine, Mphatso and Novo form one General Synod. Witness Ministry is involved especially in Mphatso Synod in Tête Province and Tumbine Synod in Northeastern Mozambique.

The Tumbine Synod has 24 congregations and 25 local pastors. One pastor is from South Africa (Nohacalala congregation in Nampula Province) and 1 local evangelist and 2 south African evangelists, they are serving at Quionga and Pemba in Cabo Delgado Province.

Mphatso Synod has 35 congregations, 5 mission zones, 8 presbyteries and 40 ministers  pastors, of which, 34 are at congregations, 5 at the 4 departments and 1 retired.

Novo Synod has 16 congregations, 4 presbyteries, 9 missionary zones and 21 ministers.

Witness Ministry supports developing congregations by supplementing their teachers’ salaries, and by helping them to guide their congregation members in understanding offerings. With the Pastor’s Fund the CFW supports existing and new ministering opportunities in the church in Mozambique, which experience shortages. These range from direct aid to projects of the church, to the compensation of sent personnel.

Impact on congregations and church growth

Mphatso Synod has several mission areas where new congregations are established. Rev. Khosa was sent by the synod as missionary  to establish congregations within the areas. Surrounding congregations have also been incorporated into his ministries. Sometimes even congregations from Lilongwe in Malawi have outreaches to support him with  his ministry.

Thumbine Synod has several mission areas:

  • at Mavago, a ward of Chiconono congregation in Niassa Province,
  • in Mute, a small town in the Palma district in the northeast, near the border with Tanzania in the Cabo Delgado Province. Two ministers were sent by the synod to develop new congregations in these areas.
  • Entre Lagos near the Chiute lake,
  • in the city of Montepuez in Cabo Delgado,
  • Sawala, which is in Posto Chire District, south of Milange,
  • Namau near Pemba,
  • Quionga in the far northeast, at the border of Tanzania.

NB: Read more about the IRM HERE.


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