Some of De Kock Boerdery’s employees who did the BrightStar course.

The popular BrightStar course was presented very successfully by Industrial Ministry at the farm, De Eiken, last year. Rev. Jannie Booysen acted as facilitator.

During this presentation 22 employees of De Kock Boerdery, including the production and workshop managers (who are, coincidentally, married), received training.

Lene November, involved with Industrial Ministry and assisting with the presentation of the course, gives us her impression: “The people felt good about themselves and their new insights, like their purpose here on earth and the rediscovery of their values. They are also positive in terms of applying what they have learned to their daily lives. They were very comfortable and satisfied with the way in which Rev. Jannie presented the course and expressed their appreciation to him. On the Sunday, during the service, the pastor congratulated those who completed the course and said that BrightStar is an absolute must.

Lene tells us more: “The owner, Wilhelm de Kock, sent a message to express his thanks and satisfaction with the course; he received very positive feedback from his employees. We, in turn, were very impressed with the way in which the owner interacts with his employees. They have a beautiful relationship. The owner is directly involved with his employees and the fact that he cares for them and respects them creates a very positive atmosphere on the farm.

“If there are other farms who want to make this course available to their employees they must not hesitate to contact our regional manager, Carin Brink at People are very unsure of themselves and do not really know why they exist, but with the BrightStar course people obtain a deeper insight into their personal values and life’s purpose. Jesus wants to restore people’s dignity and with BrightStar we help people rediscover their own worth.”

The BrightStar course will be presented to 22 more employees on the De Kock Farms later this year and Rev. Booysen will again act as facilitator. Please read more about BrightStart at



Carin Brink