Church members at a service

“Our Lord enabled us to produce more leaders, evangelists, missionaries and pastors through Biblecor (Bible Correspondence Course) India ministries,” says Rev. Sam Selva Raj of ECHO OF HIS CALL Ministries in Chepauk, Chennai, India.

“We have Biblecor centres throughout India now. This has enabled us to reach a large number of students every month and we have students enrolled to study in the following languages: Tamil, English and Hindi. Whoever completes the Bible Correspondence Course is automatically receiving our ‘Echo of His Call’ monthly magazine (in their own language) and a Theological Correspondence Course application form.

“The centre’s co-ordinator corresponds with the students and also meets with them for advice, prayers and counselling if needed. They procure students for the Bible Correspondence Course, Theological Correspondence Course and Nehemiah Bible College.

“One of our Biblecor students, Pastor Mani, completed the Theological Correspondence Course and joined our Nehemiah Bible College; he graduated in 2017. He is now an assistant pastor in our branch church at Balaji Nagar, 20 km from our headquarters. He will also be the co-ordinator for the Biblecor-Balaji Nagar Centre. Balaji Nagar is mostly populated with low income labourers.

“Some of our students completed Biblecor and wanted to start a church in that area, so we rent a place to conduct church services and we use it as a Biblecor centre as well. At present we have around five families attending the church on Sundays and 35 students attending Sunday school classes on Sunday evenings.”

“May our Lord continue to bless our Biblecor India Ministry; please pray for our ministries.”


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