The first zoom-meeting of Rev.  Stephen Pedro with the implementers
of the CBR programme, Revs. Moses Baartman en Babalwa Sifuba


It is with great excitement and gratitude that we announce that our Contextual Bible Reading project officially started on Tuesday, September 1st 2020. The two implementers of the project, Revs. Babalwa Sifuba and Moses Baartman, immediately started with this mammoth task and will be responsible to introduce and implement the project within the URCSA Cape region until August 31st of 2021.

They will kick off the project this year already with the introduction to CBR, presented by means of two webinars during October and November. The roll out will continue in January 2021 with workshops that will be presented to our presbyteries in person by the implementers, which will also include the presentation of a CBR session.

All the while they will continue with the development of material for the training of CBR facilitators, which will also start in January 2021.

This project will be implemented under the auspices of Congregational Ministry and Rev. Stephen Pedro, the manager of Congregational Witness, will lead and manage the project.

The project not only envisages to mobilize the members of URCSA Cape to read the Bible in groups and from their contexts, but also wants to give congregations an instrument and method to address issues like unity, conflict and violence, reconciliation, justice and many more to enact transformation, restoration, healing and reformation.

Furthermore the project would like to help build leadership capacity within URCSA Cape especially at congregational level and particularly in “vacant” congregations.

We therefore call upon ministers, church councils and members to embrace and support this project.  Not only to make it sustainable but also to help facilitate a process that will impact congregations and communities positively.

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Rev. Stephen Pedro