This series of meditations for the Week of Prayer 2021 has been prepared by Dr Eddie Orsmond of Wellington. (Click HERE to download.)

In these meditations Dr Orsmond reflects on what Scripture tells us about prayer in our innermost room (closet); he touches on the essential elements of a blessed prayer life. It will be good if individual believers, congregations in the DRC Family, but hopefully also from other denominations, will consider to enter 2021 with refection on and practice in the intimacy of prayer in our inner-room. From that point of departure, we may then take up the challenges of 2021, comforted, strengthened, guided and secured within an intimate relationship with our God.

During 2021 and 2022 we will be recommending the arrival, 200 years ago, of a group of Scottish ministers to South Africa – one of them who was Rev Andrew Murray senior. This group of ministers and their descendants made an invaluable contribution to the growth of the DRC, the planting of several new churches and the enhancement of the kingdom of God in South Africa and deep into Africa. They established a particular theological and spiritual tradition, an evangelical piety in which the emphasis is very much on a persistent prayer life. Dr Andrew Murray jr. wrote extensively on various facets of prayer, but his own personal life was also the embodiment of a powerful and incessant prayer discipline; exactly because of his prayer life he could achieve so much in building the Kingdom. This series of meditations are therefore closely linked to and it builds on the work of Andrew Murray.

Gideon van der Watt (CLF Editor)