Earth Day is a movement that is more than 50 years old and first started in 1970. The mission of Earth Day is to champion diversity, educate people and activate a worldwide environmental movement. At the moment it is the world’s biggest environmental movement working together with more than 75 000 partners in more than 190 countries to bring forth a lasting and positive change on our planet.
Everyone plays a role in the environmental crisis. That is why it’s so important for us as faith communities to play a positive role in educating our neighbours and raising awareness. However, as Christians, our neighbours are more than just our human counterparts. In Genesis God calls the whole creation good, but even more, importantly calls humanity to be responsible and not misuse the rest of creation. Despite this, each of us can ask ourselves: Do we really live as if the Earth is good?
For this year’s Earth Day the Green Team wants to share some reflections on the impact of our actions on plants, animals and the rest of creation. Their contributions are practical and challenge all of us to think about our relationship with the creation this year on 22 April in a fun way.

(Click on the links for beautiful posters with info.)

1) How do we treat our plants?

2) Dow do we treat our animals?

3) How does what we eat influence creation?

We also share some reflections on Bible verses, some Bible study ideas and liturgical suggestions for leaders in congregations that want to help others reflect on their relationship with the creation from a Biblical perspective. These aids are practical and not heavy theology. Therefore, we want to invite everyone on this year’s Earth Day to reflect on their relationship with God’s good creation.

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