Fltr: Revs Lourens Schoeman, Bonginkosi Sithole, Samuel Zuma, Kobus Odendaal, and Nkazi Ngcobo


On 19 May Kobus Odendaal, manager of Witness Ministry, met with the church leadership of URCSA Msinga in Ladysmith KZN to discuss the way forward. They were Revs Lourens Schoeman, Bonginkosi Sithole, Samuel Zuma  and Nkazi Ngcobo.

How to be a church with fewer full-time paid ministers was identified as one of their greatest challenges. URCSA Msinga has to move away from training at an institute away from their contexts, to training church leadership on a grass-roots level within the communities where they are ministering.

In order to achieve this, URCSA Msinga is already using the Veritas program and other practical methods to provide a more holistic approach.

They pray that this new approach will help them to become more the salt and light of Jesus Christ; to be relevant in their communities.

URCSA Msinga also has a very strong Youth Ministry. There are five full-time life coaches who are employed by eThembeni (https://www.ethembeni.org/) of whom Nkazimulo Ngcobo and Nkanyiso Dlamini are part.

May the Lord bless this enthusiastic leadership in KZN.

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