URCSA Msinga’s School Christian Group committee

URCSA Msinga has a very lively youth ministry with vibrant and enthusiastic leaders. There are five full-time life coaches who are employed by eThembeni of whom Nkazimulo Ngcobo is part of.

Nkazimulo Ngcobo shares with us the following good news: “We would like to express our deepest gratitude for our Msinga Partnership congregations’ unselfish contribution of Bibles to our youth work program. We have received 52 Bibles by courier recently and already distributed 40 Bibles to the youth in the community.

“Unfortunately I am not able to distribute the other 12 Bibles for now due to COVID-19. We have already made an arrangement with a school but have to wait because the country has moved to level 4 lock down that makes it difficult to continue it at schools at the moment.

“But the most touching, and it’s also making me feel so humble,” says Nkazimulo, “is how God can make us the tools in his hands.

“There is quite a number of our youth who have heard my testimony at school and have decided to follow Christ. I was so surprised when I see them attending church without me asking them to come to church. We also have started catechism classes now. This would have not been successful without your act of generosity to our community.”

Nkazimulo continues, “We always believe that through a movement of the gospel, it brings the formation of a peaceful and healthy community, social justice with love and peace with God in our hearts. And thus, we conduct activities that enable everyone to experience the teachings of God.

“We are blessed to have you and your family’s support in our deep rural areas. Thank you again for your generous support and I look forward to sustain this fruitful relationship with you.”

Contact Nkazimulo Ngcobo at ngcobonka@gmail.com for more information.