Fltr: Revs. Soga, Masele, Ntshabalala, Sifuba, Pedro, Bloro and Calvary


The past weekend (29 to 31 October) Rev. Stephen Pedro (Manager of Congregational Witness and project manager of CBR Cape) and Rev. Babalwa Sifuba (CBR coordinator and trainer) had a Training and Planning Workshop with the cluster leaders of the presbyteries of the Eastern and Southern Cape areas in Graaff-Reinet.

Some of the attendees at the workshop flltr: Revs. Bloro. Calvary, …, Masele and Soga


Rev. Sifuba did a follow-up training session in facilitation and we did a short version of a CBR with a group of congregation members. The development of leadership on congregational level has been identified by the URCSA Cape Regional Synod as one of our major challenges. We’ve focused on the theme of leadership and did a CBR with 1 Peter 5 as our reading text.

Rev. Sifuba will use this reflective and contextual reading as material to compile another CBR template on leadership for our CBR Manual for Facilitators.

Rev. Pedro facilitated the session about the adjusted strategic plan to introduce CBR to the rest of our 29 presbyteries.

They’ve also utilized the time to finalize their programme of dates and actions for the next 4 months which includes two follow-up training and planning sessions to develop a CBR on “Deepening unity” and “Gender exclusion” which the URCSA Cape Synod also identified as challenges our ministries on synodical, presbyterial and congregational level need to attend to before the next synod meeting.

With these CBR templates, they hope to support and contribute to the building of leadership capacity work our ministries need to do before the next synod meeting.

Rev. Sifuba explains CBR


The cluster leaders are:

Cluster 1 (37 congregations)

Presbytery of Aliwal North, Colesberg, Cala

Cluster leader: Rev. Boyce Masele


Cluster 2 (23 congregations)

Presbyteries of Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage,

Cluster leader: Rev. Mawande Soga


Cluster 3 (38 congregations)

Presbyteries of Monti, Fish River, Graaff-Reinet

Cluster leader: Rev. V Ntshabalala


Cluster 4 (17 congregations)

Presbyteries Mthatha and Rietvlei

Cluster leader: Rev. Bloro


Cluster 5 (17 congregations)

Presbytery of George

Cluster leader: Rev. Sifuba


The main task of the cluster leaders is to work as a team with Rev. Sifuba and support her in introducing CBR to the presbyteries and with the training of CBR facilitators. The cluster-leaders will also be supported by the other CBR pastor-facilitators in their cluster with the CBR introduction.

Contact Rev. Stephen Pedro at stephen@kaapkerk.co.za for more information.