Rev. Stephen Pedro in the centre front (with the light blue shirt) and Prop. Zolani None diagonally behind him (with the light grey T-shirt) along with the URCSA Victoria West church council members who attended the workshop.


The past weekend our Minister in Synodical Service and Task Team Manager for Congregational Witness, Rev. Stephen Pedro, kicked off the accompaniment process of faith-discerning with the leadership of URCSA Victoria West. Thirteen church council members attended the workshop and he was assisted by Prop. Zolani None.

“I was also privileged to be able to join the church council early on Sunday morning, before the service in the town began, to meet the four young people from the Hutchinson ward (12 km outside Victoria West) who will confess their faith this coming Sunday,” says Rev. Pedro. “Prop. Zolani and I were truly encouraged and inspired to see how our congregations and our young people, in the midst of difficult challenges (such as the lack or scarcity of resources – things we take for granted in the cities -) can still be Church and confess daily that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

“I was especially encouraged and impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the elders and deacons with which they serve the people God has entrusted to them. It seems that God is up to something with this process, one could sense it during the Sunday service,” says Rev. Pedro.

A member who attended the Sunday service shared this WhatsApp message, “Rev. Pedro, the church was on a different level today! Thank you, Lord, give me a spiritual eye of discernment.”

Another member said, “Thank you, Lord, that I can know there is hope for our Church and thank you for the joy that awaits us.”

Prop. Zolani None says, “From Saturday the spirit of the members of the church council was very high and positive for the workshop. When dwelling in the Word it brought a new experience to the members wrestling with the text and also how it speaks to each individual. The longing for working together and building better bonds and relationships among themselves and the community is one of the few things on their prayers for the community and congregation of Victoria West. Their hospitality and ubuntu were beyond words.

“The Sunday service conducted by Rev. Pedro was very moving. The challenges facing the community of Victoria West are very deep and touching but it is good to know that God has placed people there who strive to improve the lives of others while searching within themselves to whom can they can be a neighbour; going everywhere where God sends them to be. The congregation of Victoria West will always be in my prayers. May God strengthen them in their journey.”

Another two workshops lie ahead in the next few months. Rev. Pedro will be assisted by two congregational facilitators. We hope that this process will not only impact the leaders and the members of the congregation and their ministry on a deeper level but that it will also empower them spiritually and with discernment for the holy task of calling a minister.


Rev. Stephen Pedro