From 8 to 10 June 2022 a very important training workshop took place at Carmel Retreat Centre, George.

The purpose of the workshop was to train the first group of six of our proponents and one bridge minister how to facilitate a Contextual Bible Reading (CBR). The training was facilitated by Rev. Moses Baartman.

The proponents were trained in the basic skills of facilitation with a particular focus on leading a group of members doing a CBR. Over the course of the two days, they have also done a CBR by engaging the challenge of substance abuse. They read together Psalm 22 and from the contextual reading of the psalm compiled an action plan how they will address this challenge facing almost every community URCSA Cape congregations are located in.

These proponents will now go back to their respective faith communities to apply what they have learnt by facilitating a CBR with a group of members from their congregations. They will also in future assist the Minister in Synodical Service (MSS), Rev. Stephen Pedro, with the introduction of CBR to the 18 presbyteries located within the Western Cape and Namaqualand areas of our regional synod, whilst waiting to be called. They will also assist with the training of CBR facilitators, especially the youth of our congregations.

Contact Rev. Stephen Pedro at for more information.

On the photo beneath is from left to right: Proponents Pieter Windvogel, Zolani None, Rev. Willa Mckay, Noxolo Fihla, Don-marco Jonaan, Rev Moses Baartman, Rev Stephen Pedro. In front, sitting, Proponents Ntsika Tyityi and Randow Jantjies