Rev. Stephen Pedro (left) and Rev. Karin van der Broeke, Ecumenical Relations Officer of the PKN (Protestantse Kerk in Nederland)


During the last week of August 2023, Rev. Stephen Pedro, MSS for Congregational Witness and manager for the roll-out of the Contextual Bible Study (CBS) project to our URCSA Cape Regional Synod’s congregations visited the offices of the main donor of the project, Kerk in Actie, the services organization of the PKN in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The purpose of this visit was to provide them with an overall report of the progress we have made with the Introduction of CBS to our presbyteries, congregations, and ministries.Read the report HERE.

Furthermore, to motivate in person why we want to continue empowering our congregations, as well as our ministries, with this powerful capacity-building, transformational, and developmental tool.

He also utilised his visit as a networking opportunity to meet with colleagues from the PKN (Kerk in Actie), who are also involved with CBS/CBR projects locally, as well as in other parts of Africa and Asia.

Rev Pedro (right) with Martin Teunissen, CBS project manager in Pakistan.

“Overall, it was a very blessed and fruitful visit and I want to thank Petri Hofland and the other colleagues at Kerk in Actie for their warm welcome and support. We are looking forward to the next phase of taking CBS to our congregations, and the branches of our ministries, which will enable us to start making the difference where it really matters, on congregational and community level,” Rev. Pedro said.


Rev. Stephen Pedro