Josophat Mwale Theological Institute (JMTI) is the official theological seminary where CCAP Nkhoma Synod pastors are trained in preparation for pastoral ministry.
After noticing that the traditional means of #evangelism do not yield the intended results, in December 2019 JMTI pastoral students started the Sports Evangelism program.
They observed that sports activities pull together masses of people from different background. Thus they saw in sports a great opportunity of sharing the Gospel to masses of people—people who cannot come if you conduct a revival meeting.
This led the JMTI soccer, volleyball and netball teams to start a Sports Evangelism program in order to use sports as a means of spreading the Gospel to the masses. Sports environments unify people from all spheres of life. In a multicultural and multi-religious community, people can be hostile to each other but they do bury their differences when they come together to cheer their team.
For some Christians, sports is merely a childish activity, good for passing time but largely insignificant for the deep matters of life. But JMTI sports teams saw a great opportunity to share the Gospel.
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Rev. Maxwell Chiwoko (JMTI Sports Evangelism Coordinator)
+265 995 476 098