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Fltr: Rev. Mateus Luciano (Scribe), Rev. Samuel Kassolo Banda (Moderator), Kobus Odendaal with dr Miguel Nobre (General Secretary) As everywhere in the world, our sister church in Mozambique’s Mphatso Synod, with whom we maintain strong relationships, has to face numerous challenges during this time of COVID-19. The General Secretary, Dr Miguel Nobre shares with us […]

Last year’s theology students and their wives in front of Hefsiba’s main building at Vila Ulónguè   On 2 August this year the GSM (Gesamentlike Sendingkommissie vir Mosambiek) had a zoom meeting to discuss important matters concerning the three IRM synods and the well known Hefsiba Institute for Christian Higher Education at Vila Ulónguè in […]

The Eagles Nest Ministries’ team who packed the container for CAVA   Some years back, Mr. F. Morris (now late) used to order CAVA literature in bulk and distributed it to mine and farm workers for free. His son in-law Rev. Rob Birkbeck from the USA visited CAVA’s office some four years ago and gave […]

We all know the wonderful feeling of belonging when visited, especially by family members. And this is exactly what Kobus Odendaal, manager of Witness Ministry, experienced when he was visited by members of our sister church in Malawi, the (Church in Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) last week.   CCAP Livingstonia Synod   On Tuesday 15 […]

“We have more than 40 congregations without church ministers and each year we establish an average of six new congregations. Ten players are like a drop in the ocean,” says the General Secretary of our sister church in Malawi, the CCAP (Church in Central Africa Presbyterian). On 5th June the CCAP admitted ten candidates for […]

The children always receive with both hands (especially sweets) and ZIKOMO! (Thank you!) AnnaMarie de Klerk during her recent visit at KIX.   On 12 March this year AnnaMarie de Klerk departed to Malawi for a five week visit ministering to our faith community there once again. She was a missionary in our sister church […]

The RCA (Reformed Church in Africa) grew from the missionary endeavours of the Dutch Reformed Church, focusing predominately on Hindu and Muslim communities of Indian descent. It was officially established on 27 August 1968 as the Indian Reformed Church who later changed its name to the Reformed Church in Africa. (Read more about this at […]

Registration prior to the Bible study sessions. They paid a K200/R4-fee that we gave back on the last day after the leader and AnnaMarie checked their files. Every item and the Bible, were taken care of very well! During the sessions, they memorized 2 Tim 3:16: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and […]

Christian Audio-visual Action, known as CAVA, is a non-profit ministry based in Harare, Zimbabwe. This ministry started in the 1970s when missionaries wanted to address the needs of the Zimbabwe farm-workers. Sets of literature, audio-cassettes and picture books were made available to farmers with a manual tape player that could be operated without electricity or […]