Christian Audio-visual Action, known as CAVA, is a non-profit ministry based in Harare, Zimbabwe. This ministry started in the 1970s when missionaries wanted to address the needs of the Zimbabwe farm-workers. Sets of literature, audio-cassettes and picture books were made available to farmers with a manual tape player that could be operated without electricity or batteries.

Since then CAVA’s focus has widened and a whole array of different titles have seen the light meeting different needs, from addressing cultural issues in the light of Scripture to Christian living, discipleship and youth to name a few.

On 2 March we received the latest news about CAVA from their manager, Christine Chanza:

Although some might have been affected and infected by Covid 19, we thank God for the recoveries and comfort. Yesterday and today, I  had a chance to speak to all the executive members (or their spouses) and they all confirmed that they are okay. Glory be to God.

The President relaxed lockdown regulations yesterday, which means there is certainly going to be more movements, congestion, cross handling of goods and surfaces in most of the places we visit, we continue to ask God for continued protection from this disease. On our part, we need to continue following guidance from the WHO as masking up, social distancing and sanitizing are cheaper than curing the disease.


–  Students are trickling in to register while some are continuing with their studies.

–  Mrs Muller has not enrolled new students as she is still buying material for 2020 students.

– Translation of NBI ( is in progress and 2 Shona students have enrolled so far.

– Through one of our clients, World Vision has contacted me and they are willing to:

  • Order selected CAVA materials and distribute them to disadvantaged communities countrywide. They indicated that they usually distribute 2,000 copies per province. We hope to outsource printing from Mr Simon Virimayi (who has done some printing for us) when we get a big order from World Vision.
  • Pay for NBI material and travelling costs for facilitation to their targeted areas.

They came to collect a number of books (different titles) and their committee will decide which books they will need. We pray that this will come to fruition.

– IAPD (Inter-Religious Association for Peace and Development) has also contacted us for NBI Training to its members locally and abroad. Webster and Onias have been added to their WhatsApp group and we hope to get a good number of students from that platform.

– Rev. Rob Birkbeck, from the USA (who printed some 10 000 books with us) would like to help CAVA’s vision to avail Christian material and reach out to the less privileged members of society. He has connected us to a Ministry in the USA called Love Packages. The Ministry is prepared to pack a 20-foot container with Christian resources and literature which is to be distributed to Bible Colleges, Schools, Prisons, Church Organizations and Churches for free. Rob is following after his father-in-law (the late Mr F. Morris) who used to pay for printing large quantities of CAVA material and distributing them to farms and mines. He wishes to revive this with the realization that due to financial constraints, CAVA cannot manage to print material for free distribution. With the help of World Vision, International Bible Society, Scripture Union, Celebration, CCAP, RCZ and some Bible colleges that we have been working with, we hope to distribute the materials to all parts of Zimbabwe. I will be meeting ZIMRA representative, Mr Musekiwa, for a rebate.

We thank God for this opportunity to impact the nation through the help from CAVA well-wishers.

On another note, the 1st NBI registrar in Zimbabwe (retired Rev I Banda of the CCAP) passed on in Malawi on the 21st of January 2021.


Contact Mrs Christine Chanza at for more information.