Registration prior to the Bible study sessions. They paid a K200/R4-fee that we gave back on the last day after the leader and AnnaMarie checked their files. Every item and the Bible, were taken care of very well! During the sessions, they memorized 2 Tim 3:16: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” Behind the women is the Kamuzu Dam 1 (Lilongwe river)


On 12 March this year AnnaMarie de Klerk departed to Malawi for a five week visit ministering to our faith community there once again. She was a missionary in our sister church in Malawi, the CCAP, for more than 40 years.

One of her first activities was to facilitate Bible study sessions on the theme At his feet. “Getrude Banda from the Living Hope denomination at Malingunde, hesitantly joined her 31 friends for the three Bible study sessions,” says AnnaMarie.  “She has a hearing problem, limiting her participation.  Out of fear that she might constantly stir comments, she preferred not to expose herself in a group of women from 18 denominations.  During the first session, she received her first Bible, as many of the 32 women.

“Unfamiliar with the contents and many references during sessions, she found the ‘chingerengere’ (bicycle wheel) a very comforting visual aid.  She testified, ‘I immediately understood that, in order to pour out my heart at the feet of Jesus, as Mary Magdalene did with the costly oil, my life must remain connected and obedient to Him, the ‘Hub’.  In the Body of Christ, like the spokes of the wheel, we are joined together by the Holy Spirit.  My life has a new and significant meaning.  I am no longer afraid to join my friends in the Bible Study sessions as I have a personal and clear testimony.”

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Getrude Banda in the middle with the Bible.

AnnaMarie stayed at the Youth Camp where the leaders at Malingunde, Rhodess, Oliveta and Julia identified and invited the 29 women from 18 denominations. They also met with their groups during the week in order to discuss the session for the week.

Two of our women, during the training session.