The RCA (Reformed Church in Africa) grew from the missionary endeavours of the Dutch Reformed Church, focusing predominately on Hindu and Muslim communities of Indian descent. It was officially established on 27 August 1968 as the Indian Reformed Church who later changed its name to the Reformed Church in Africa. (Read more about this at

Here in Cape Town we are so lucky to have a congregation who is part of this faith community where Rev. Theo Francis is the minister at RCA Living waters church in Cravenby since 17 March 2019 . “It is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the work at the Cravenby congregation,” says Rev. Francis. “With regards to the leadership, we are currently functioning with a minister, and two elders. We thank God for the dedication of the leadership and their love towards the ministry of our congregation.

“We are blessed with a wonderful group of people who generally respond very well to our leadership and services. Throughout the years there have been many challenges in the congregation and we are currently faced with challenges. However, we trust the Lord has his hand upon us. There is much to do in our congregation, building, and premisis, but we take our weak hands and lay it into the strong hands of our Lord.”

On Sunday 1st May Kobus and Mariëtte Odendaal from Witness Ministry visited this ongregation in Cravenby where they were welcomed at the door by elder Rennie Thilakalal.

“It was such a privilege to worship together with this faith community,” says Kobus, “Rev. Theo Francis is not only the minister of this congregation but was also accompanying the members on an electric keyboard while singing beautifully!”

They were also very kind to give Kobus a turn to speak and tell them more about Witness Ministry (

Afterwards, the Odendaals were spoiled with tea and samosas at the Francis’s home where they also met their two lovely boys and Rev. Francis’s wife, Daphne and his mother.

What a blessing this experience was! Read more about the Francis family at