The children always receive with both hands (especially sweets) and ZIKOMO! (Thank you!) AnnaMarie de Klerk during her recent visit at KIX.


One of the mothers with a Bible for her baby.

On 12 March this year AnnaMarie de Klerk departed to Malawi for a five week visit ministering to our faith community there once again. She was a missionary in our sister church in Malawi, the CCAP, for more than 40 years.

One of her projects was to provide 77 Bibles to our faith family friends in Malawi. AnnaMarie explains, “At the Malingunde Hospital, 13 Bibles were given to the mothers of babies born during that week. The clinical officer, Mr. Katsonga, assisted our team in getting the names and date of birth of these “disciples-to-be of the Lord”.  Our desire is that this gift will effectively encourage the family to become equally informed in making a decision, entrusting their lives to Jesus.  A small certificate with Jesus’ command: “Do not forbid them, but let them come to Me”, and the name of the baby was fixed on the opening page of each Bible.




A friend in need is a friend indeed … No transport problems!

31 children are currently taken care of at KIX (Kids In Christ) Nursery School.

Elizabeth Kambalame and Mery Chinthuchanji have been teaching at KIX since September, 2012.  Yosefe and Biliyeni Mtuwatuwa assist them. Yosefe cooks the nutritious soya and maize meal porridge and Biliyeni keeps the classes and premises clean.

This is more than a Nursery School.  Elizabeth, the headmistress, reports:  “We commit ourselves to encourage the parents, although the school fees often become a challenge for parents to meet time limits.

“I confidently testify that the children respond very positively to the Bible story-teaching.  God graciously equips Mery and myself with Child Evangelism methods to communicate Scripture in effective ways.  Our children are very disciplined.  I do not hesitate to introduce them to visitors.”

The environment at KIX Nursery School has changed drastically due to the development in raising the wall at Kamuzu Dam 1.  But the teachers still meet the children at the KIX signpost and at 10:50 the parents collect excited scholars when they close for the day!



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