Fltr: Rev. Mateus Luciano (Scribe), Rev. Samuel Kassolo Banda (Moderator), Kobus Odendaal with dr Miguel Nobre (General Secretary)

As everywhere in the world, our sister church in Mozambique’s Mphatso Synod, with whom we maintain strong relationships, has to face numerous challenges during this time of COVID-19.

The General Secretary, Dr Miguel Nobre shares with us the following news: “We decided to start a revival project for all our congregations by visiting them personally with moral support and encouragement in Christ. It was scheduled to start from 20 July but had to be postponed, because on 17 July, due to the third wave of COVID, which was/is very severe, our state president announced several restrictive measurements, including the closure of all church services nation wide. In emergency situations, any meeting could not exceed 15 participants. The level 4 restriction measurements were initially implemented for 30 days expiring on 16 August, but last Friday, on 13 August, the restrictions were extended for thirty days more, with effect from 17 August.

“The good news is that two of our pastors, Pastor Yordan from Madaba congregation and Pastor Guduwell, from Nsadzu congregation, have recently received motorbikes to make their work easier. It will help them to reach their congregations in an easier (and cheaper) way. Witness Ministry assisted us financially to buy the bikes.”

Pastor Guduwell from Nsadzu congregation

Pastor Yordan from Madaba congregation


Contact Dr Miguel Nobre at nobrevila@gmail.com for more information.